March 25, 2013

Confessions of an RCIA Candidate Part III

I just got back from my first confession.  But I'd like to back this up a bit.

I had such a hard time today with wrapping my head around the idea of going to confession today.  I couldn't eat anything past noon and I was just a nervous wreck on my way to the church.  I did manage to memorize the act of contrition prayer, but I had such a hard time trying to remember it that I accidentally ended up remembering that and forgetting what I needed to confess.  Our church had three other priests to help out with the reconciliation services for Easter, so I had every intention of going to someone I didn't know, but my sponsor recommended we go to one of our priests...the one who was doing face to face confessions in public.  You can guess that my heart was really pounding by now.

So there I stood in line, mentally rehersing the act of contrition prayer and the other things I had to say, compiling a mental list of things to confess that I kept thinking about, worrying about having to do a face to face confession and wanting nothing better than to walk out of the church, because this is the thing that I have been dreading. was really no big deal.  I did manage to remember most of everything I needed to confess, at least the important parts, but then I didn't need to say the act of contrition prayer, so....yeah.  Life is like that sometimes.

I guess I feel better now, but I don't know whether I feel better because my sins have been absolved or whether I feel better because I'm done with my first confession.  I'll know tomorrow.

As a side note:  This is the 200th post for our blog!  Woo!

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