March 4, 2013


Yesterday I made a donation for some CDs from church.  I've been listening to a couple of them since.  But I also decided to watch the History Channel's version of "The Bible" as well.  That's actually what I'm doing right now.  I'm not sure that I agree with their portrayal of events so far.  It's like...a Discovery documentary about lions.  We see what's going on, but the narrator cutting in is awkward.  Especially since there's really no need for a narrator, they have actors and sets.  They had the opportunity to tell a story instead of telling about the story.  Very strange.

As for these CDs, they're actually really good.  They're entertaining, there's a lot of good theology, and they have kept me from speeding on my to and from places.  Music tends to pump me up too much and I get the road rage, but listening to someone talk?  Who knew?  Lighthouse seems to have a good collection so far from what I have listened to.  I already want to get some money together to donate for more.  I only donated enough for five, but I think I'm going to blow through these pretty quickly.  It makes me wonder if there are any websites that offer free lectures for download so that I could put some of these on my iPod.  Then I'd be in business.

I think this is the first step twoards a new addiction.  I've never really liked the idea of listening to books on tape or anything like that while driving.  I typically enjoy listening to music.  It gives me time to think and put some thoughts in order.  I have to admit, though, I felt really relaxed driving too and from school listening to someone talking about theology.  Instead of reading more, I'll bet I start getting out of control with these CDs.

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  1. There's a lot of free podcasts out there. I'm sure you could find something you like