March 15, 2013

Girls Night

Tonight is girls night.  That's a night when girls get together and say all the things they can't say in front of boys.  Also sing karaoke.  And drink.  Except I don't get to drink, but I do get to drive home in peace and safety.  It's going to be fun times :)

So we've officially been approved for our new townhouse!  We're gonna have more space and a roommate!  Kayla being to lucky one who gets to live with us.  Now I'll have another person to bug besides John.  And our kittens will have another person to harass.  It's a win all around. 

In kitten related news, Etta has figured out how to climb up the mattress propped up in our living room.  She knows how to get down, I've seen her do it, but it seems like every time I come home, she's up there whining at me to get her down.  Does she forget?  Or is she just being lazy?  Either way, I just pat her on the head and tell her I know she'll figure it out and she always does. 

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