March 21, 2013

Boring day

Nothing exciting happened today.  I packed 3 1/2 drawers of clothes.  I watched kittens fight... And nap.  Etta almost fell in the giant box for the tv.  She pulled herself back up right before she slipped in completely.  It was epic.  Then she continued playing with the box.  I guess she didn't learn her lesson.  Or maybe she did cause she never fell in.  She likes to tempt fate. 

The two of them seem to be doing really good together.  They keep each other distracted when I wanna kick them out of our room but they are still social with us when we're in the same room.  Its win win.  Except when I finish a meal and they're both sleeping on me.  I just have to learn to not feel bad about disrupting sleeping kittens. 

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