March 5, 2013

Snow Day!

I am so ready for spring.  I have been for weeks now.  Ever since we had that warm day in February, I have been dreaming of flowers and birds.  We had two weeks of unseasonal warmth.  We didn't even have a 'white Christmas'.  And now what do we get?  Snow!  Really, I don't mind too much.  We had such a bad drought last year that the snow will probably help when it melts.  I think that's how it works anyway, although I know some probably goes back into the atmosphere.

Today I decided to catch up on some homework.  I have a paper left to write, but I can't really concentrate on it.  I keep thinking about the Lighthouse cds I got from church.  The idea of listening to theology while I drive is such a novel concept, but it didn't go far enough yesterday.  Now that I've had time to think it over, my desire to listen to theology has pretty much extended into my everyday life.  I am literally drooling over the idea of finding some podcasts to listen to...ok well no, not literally.  I just realized how stupid that sounds.  I'm not salivating as I type...yet.

I really should have used today to investigate some areas I can get podcasts or other lectures for free to put on my iPod.  I guess that also means I'll have to figure out a way of getting my iPod to download music onto this computer so I don't lose my play list.  Hmmm...seems like an awful lot of work with the potential for huge pay offs!

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