March 22, 2013

Moving Day's Eve

I hate pregnancy brain.  I just left my purse with my phone in it at our new apartment.  I didn't want to go back so I won't see it again until tomorrow, which is moving day.  When we got back to our current apartment, I filled a box with my desk stuff and I spelled my own name wrong.  My first name.  The one I've had my entire life.  Earlier in the week, I left my parking permit that I was supposed to put in my car at the new apartment.  I just feel like I should not be entrusted with any important documents right now.  I'm sure something is gonna get lost in the 10 minute trip from this apartment to our new one.  Spoiler alert: it's probably gonna be my brain. 

I'm gonna try to get some sleep now so that I'm not completely useless tomorrow.  I know I'm gonna be at least mostly useless but hopefully not completely. 

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