March 5, 2013

Oh no!

I can't believe I forgot to blog yesterday.  I guess I've officially failed lent this year.  I'm gonna blame pregnancy brain.  It's seriously starting to get me.  There was a lot of small things today that made me feel stupid.  Then yesterday I was driving around with Kayla and I kept forgetting where I was going.  *sigh* It's gonna be a fun 4 months.  Then when the baby's actually here, I'll continue to be stupid from sleep deprivation. 

Anyway, yesterday Kayla and I went to Walmart and she bought our baby a Captain America onesie and a little tshirt with a dinosaur and robot fighting! They're both adorable.  It's nice to have friends who just wanna buy your baby stuff cause it's cute.  This baby is gonna be so spoiled :)

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