March 28, 2013

3 days

Of posting left before lent is over.  That's including today cause I'm not done writing yet. 

So I went to the mall today because I wanted a different earring for the top of my ear.  I was looking for a stud with a flat back which apparently people only wear as face jewelry so none of them match.  I bought 2 different lengths because the person working there said they were interchangeable... They are not.  It's a good thing one of them was on sale for $1 because it's pretty much useless now.  And that is why you should never trust anyone at hot topic to know what they're talking about.  I mean I don't expect every employee to know everything about everything they sell but they could at least admit if they don't know stuff.  I didn't ask either.  He just told me as if he was 100% sure.  Lies....

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