March 8, 2013

My Turn...But Not Really

So, it's my turn to miss writing about something for Lent.  After giving Angela grief about it, I'll be surprised if she doesn't say something.  I have an added bonus though.  Because she's two hours behind me and this blog is set up on "her time" the only way anyone would know that I missed a day was if I said something.  Which I am doing, because I have honor.  If you want to get really technical, I haven't gone to sleep again, so this might still count as part of "Friday".  It's at least Friday in spirit!

I told Angela she should write on a Sunday to make up for missing a day, but since I write on Sundays I can't exactly follow my own example.  I suppose I'll just have to post twice today!  Which is fine, because I fully intended to write today anyway.

I suppose I owe this to Angela, though:

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  1. Except you were only an hour late. I completely forgot.... And I almost did it again.