March 1, 2013

Kitten play time

I seem to be blogging from my phone a lot.  Sometimes it's just too much effort to get the lap top from under the bed.  I wish I had a keyboard that would attach to my phone.  I would never use the computer again.  I would be texting with my full size keyboard all day. 

I have a kitten attacking my feet right now.  She's really cute until she gets her claws out.  John did a kitten grenade under my blanket earlier and I got scratched.  Playful kitten and bare flesh do not go well together.  Protective gear must be worn at all times during insane kitten play time.  Luckily she'll be getting a little brother in a few weeks so they can play with each other and attack us less.  Either that or we'll just have double kittens attacking our feet. 

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