March 11, 2013

Stolen Hour

I don't really remember getting hit hard by daylight saving's time before.  This year, however, it is really hitting hard.  I even tried to sleep as much as possible this weekend to make up for the world taking an hour of my life away from me.  It didn't help.  I am completely exhausted!

On the plus side, I've stumbled onto something.  When I am completely exhausted, I can write.  I don't mean I can necessarily write well, but I can get words out at least.  It feels like I have completely stopped caring about how I sound or what the content is.  When I'm this tired, I can somehow ignore all of my insecurities because I have just stopped caring about them.  Now, the question to ask is:  is what I've written any good?  Ok, well maybe the second question is:  can anyone understand what I was saying?  I may be an unconsciously fantastic writer who doesn't make a lick of sense.  Or maybe I am a completely boring writer who makes a lot of sense, who knows?

It's time fo rme to go to class now, so I'll end this here.  I just hope I can make it to and from class without falling asleep tonight.  Woo!

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