March 7, 2013

Kitten magnet

I've noticed an odd phenomenon lately around this apartment.  Whenever I sit still long enough, there's a sleeping kitten on me.  When I finish my morning cereal, I have to move a sleeping kitten off me.  Anytime I sit on my bed: sleeping kitten.  I waited an hour to get my lunch today because I didn't want to disrupt her nap.  She wasn't even done either, I had to move her cause I was so hungry.  I'm laying on the bed as I write this and she's actually not on me.  She's curled up under my arm.  I kicked her off the bed when she farted while curled up on my chest.  Farting is not cute, even for kittens.  Especially so close to my face. 

Sometimes it's cute having a tiny fluffy shadow.  Except when she wants to play and tries to trip me EVERY STEP I TAKE.  I've never had such a cuddly kitten.  I blame the pregnancy.  Olive used to be a daddy's girl until I got pregnant and then she was all over me.  I guess kittens are sensitive to pregnancy too. 

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