March 20, 2013

Follow Up

So much of what I have been listening to and reading has revolved around prayer that I've decided to try to pray the rosary every day.  I've never really been good at keeping up with that, but this was the last thing about my faith that my grandmother taught me before she passed.  She clearly felt it was something important enough to teach me and I know she always went to church early so as to be in time to pray the rosary.  She gave me my first one too.

I started thinking about how I spend so much time worrying about myself recently.  I mentioned in an earlier post about how I really liked the idea of doing those random acts of kindness.  Now I think I've found a way to bring these two concepts (praying the rosary and random acts of kindness) together.  Instead of praying for myself, my intentions are to pray for others.  I think this is applicable.  I did some quick reading online (because everything on the internet is true) and it seems like you can pray the rosary for someone else.  I guess I should double check with my RCIA instructor, but I don't see why this wouldn't be doable.

So, if anyone has prayer requests, let me know.

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