March 29, 2013


My pregnant self looking at the volunteer list for Easter morning service: "OMG, there's gonna be breakfast!"  Suddenly I'm very excited about going to church at 6am.  I let my stomach make a lot of my decisions nowadays.  Then later on Easter day we're going to the in-laws house for even more delicious food!  It's gonna be the best Easter ever.  All of the non-drinking holidays are just fantastic when you're pregnant.  I almost wish I had been this pregnant during Thanksgiving and Christmas because I feel like I would have enjoyed them more.  I'll probably be super pregnant on 4th of July which will just be fantastic for my stomach.  Technically I'm due on the 5th but I really don't expect this child until at least a week after that.  But its okay because we have a pool that I can see from our apartment.  I'll probably be living in it by the time this baby decides to come out.  Of course I might have to drag our mini-fridge out there... Or get John or Kayla to be my personal go-fer. 

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