March 18, 2013


Lately I've been feeling quite lonely.  At first I thought it was a number of things.  Anxiety over all this homework stuff, rushing through weeks just trying to get things done, less time I spend with family and friends, or perhaps the fact that most of the people I used to talk to just aren't around anymore.  Mixed with this feeling of loneliness, though, is an intense desire to spend a great deal of time at my church.

I put in the last of my CDs today and the speaker was talking about how prayer is integral to having a relationship with God.  I'm wondering of my desire to spend more time at church is a recognition that I really pray well when I'm there.  Otherwise, my prayer life isn't all that great.  I always say I should pray more, but sometimes I feel so awkward praying.  It also doesn't help that I loaned out my prayer book...although really that's more a cop out.  I could download prayers from the internet for free and pray them or meditate on scripture.

I was more or less surprised to learn that I think my loneliness stems from a lack of relationship with God.  I guess I should really start praying more and I think I may even keep a prayer journal or something.  I have to wonder if anyone I know has had much experience with that.  This is something to look into.

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