March 24, 2013

Confession Part II

We had our discussion about confession today for our last RCIA class.  It's great how people can keep completely alleviating my concerns only for them to resume worse than ever.  I don't want to go tomorrow.  I know it's pretty much because it's just a new experience, that it's uncomfortable and all that jazz,, no.  I am really freaking out here.

They ran through a fake confession for us to watch and get an idea of how things go.  I think I either zoned out or just was too freaked to really hear how it went, but I don't remember ANY of it.  Augh!  I guess on the one hand, I'm glad that I'm converting now before I get too much older.  Doing a first confession in my 20's is easier than doing it when I'm older, but still pretty difficult.  More updates tomorrow, for now I'm going to try to distract my mind with other things.

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