March 12, 2013

Half day!

So I showed up for a half day of subbing today and guess what.... It actually is a half day!  The last 2-3 times I've showed up for an early half day, I've ended up staying a full day.  One time there was just a mistake in Subfinder and they changed it to full day after I got there (of course I agreed to it first).  Another time I showed up for a half day and I got a call from the office asking if I could fill in the rest of the day for a different teacher because he had some emergency.  I panicked for a second this morning when the secretary handed me the sub folder and my roll sheet went all the way to period 6 but when I asked her, she explained that the computer prints all periods automatically and the teacher would be back for the last 2 periods.  What's even more awesome is I'm pretty sure I'm getting paid for a full day because I'm here for 4 1/2 hours... for 2 days in a row.  I'm getting paid 2 full days for teaching 3 periods a day.  I need more jobs like this. 

Of course the best way to ensure I don't get roped into more hours than I planned is to book late half days.  That way I show up around 11 and leave when school ends.  They could call and ask me to come early but I don't usually answer the phone when I'm sleeping.  It's much harder to say no when I've already gotten myself ready and arrived at the school.  My only excuse for declining is not bringing lunch which, given my current state of growing a child, is a really good excuse but it sounds really stupid coming out of my mouth.  This is why I always bring extra snacks because I can't say no.  It's twice the money and I've already made it out of bed.  If it's an easy class, I'm really only getting paid for being awake.  If it's middle school, I'm cursing life and its horrible injustice. 

Also I got super lucky with these classes.  I have one period of advanced freshmen and two periods of seniors.  He also has two periods of regular freshmen but they're both after lunch and I'll be gone.  Only the most well behaved students for me :)

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