March 7, 2013

Teaching Christianity...Part I

Oh look!  A topic that coincides with both aspects of my life!  Hooray!

My students are learning about the middle ages and medieval Europe.  This means I get to teach about Christianity in a public setting.  I'm a little nervous about this because I'm not really sure how much I can elaborate upon the material covered in the textbook.  I suppose as long as I'm not telling students what to believe or teaching them prayers or whatnot, I'll be fine, but it's always a fine line to walk.  Parents are funny and we've had instances during the year already where students have gone home and misrepresented conversations in class to the chagrin of their parents.

Even so, I like that I get to teach about something that I actually know quite a bit about.  Well, not that I'm not doing that now anyway.  This entire semester has been great because I've been able to cover all the civilizations I know a lot about, and only had to deal with two lessons in one I don't know very much about at all.  So, I guess it's just nice that I get to talk about something I'm very passionate about, even if I can't say too much about it...or something like that.

Maybe I should have waited to write about this topic until after I did those lessons...

Let me amend this title:  Teaching Christianity Part I

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