March 14, 2013


Last night was pretty much my last class.  It wasn't all that interesting, except my sister couldn't find a babysitter so my nephew was along for the night.  The most exciting part of the evening, however, was coming home to song after song of awesome rock music.

Now, the problem when I listen to the radio and it's playing awesome rock music, is that I have a tendency to drive a little over the limit...and like a maniac...all over the I rock out.  I don't club and I don't really dance, but for some reason the combination of a vehicle capable of high speeds and awesome rock makes me insane.  But in this case, I think it was worth it!

After tonight, I have exactly six classes and one exit interview left on campus and student teaching.  In two weeks, I will be Catholic.

This journey is almost coming to an end....and so is Lent and our Lent Blog.  It's like a great big culmination!

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