March 19, 2014

Updates and Sparkles

I had a totally awesome day today.  The only job I had to do was a sub job and when I got there, it turned out to be a paid full day job that I only had to stay a half day for.  The particular grade level I was teaching made it so teachers have team meetings all afternoon and a planning period.  When I asked the office if they needed me anywhere else, they told me no and to have a great day.  Well it was a great day!

I went to bother my sister and her coworkers at work, then I came home and cooked a tasty steak dinner for my sister.  I'll probably spend some time reading scripture before too long tonight, because I feel like reading some.  I probably should have done that before I started this post.

Which reminds me, it's been forever since I've done an update on lent:

Still fasting!

The cursing thing needs work, still working on that.  Cold turkey is awfully hard, but at least I'm more aware of the way I talk.

I have found myself much more outgoing towards others lately!  Even if I don't feel like being outgoing inside, I've been sucking it up and trying to work through those issues instead of laboring on in misery about them.  As such, I'm a much happier person!  I came to the realization (which is sort of a dumb one, because you'd think that would be obvious) that I could either make the conscious choice to be upset or happy and have been choosing to be happier.  This is difficult when I'm frustrated because I'm hungry, only eating very lightly for days on end, but I'm more relaxed and forgiving towards others.  It's not perfect, but it's a start!

I've also added a workout routine to what I've been doing, but that's not for Lent.  It's just something else to do.  I intend to be in better shape.  I'm not sure I'm seeing much in the way of results, but I also just started.  It will take time.  I'm totally hopeful!

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