March 14, 2014

Packing break

Actually I thought I should write my post before we end up packing the laptop.  Plus I needed to sit down for a minute anyway.  I'd like to start packing my books upstairs but Bishop is napping.  I just realized he's been out for almost 2 hours so he'll be up any minute.  Maybe he'll wake up right as I finish writing.  Sometimes he's considerate like that.  Which brings me to my next point...

"oh hey... just helpin' myself to my stuff"

He has officially entered the cruising phase.  Climbing a stair is small potatoes; he wants to stand up now.  John and I were being lazy in bed and he was crawling around the floor this morning.  Then we look over at him and he's standing up holding onto the box.  He was on the brown box and then moved over to the diaper box. Then he gracefully dismounted without hurting himself at all.  I'm gonna have to make sure I baby proof at a higher level at the new house.  He is a curious little peanut! 

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