March 20, 2014

Some days...

I just have zero inspiration.  I mean, there's probably plenty to talk about, I just don't wanna.  But I'm not giving up cause I'm not lame like Kris's friend who doesn't even want to try lent.  You know, there have been days during lent over the past 4 years (4 years? holy shit!) when I forgot to write a blog post, but I never thought "fuck it, I give up" no!  Cause I'm a professional!  I should probably not put off writing until this late.  My brain is starting to shut down cause its almost bed time and Bishop is asleep so my cursing filter has been turned off.  Not that I feel bad about cursing in general but its probably insensitive because Kris gave it up for lent.  Then she's gonna see me cursing and be like "that sounds like fun... I'm gonna start cursing now" and her whole lent will be ruined!  Except it wont because she just said she doesn't give up that easy.  She's a trooper. 

I'm just gonna stop typing now. 

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