March 26, 2014

9 months old!

Etta and Bishop trying to escape
Today Bishop is 9 months old!  He has officially been alive longer on the outside than the inside.  Although he was a week early so that actually happened a week ago.  Only 3 more months and he'll be a whole year old!  Then we can have a party at our new house.  I'm excited about the idea of having people over and not have to worry about parking or explaining the best way to get into our apartment complex or worrying about being too noisy for neighbors that we share a wall with.  If we're too noisy at our house, either our neighbors are being unreasonable or the party is out of control.  I don't think either of those will be a problem. 

So, unrelated, I was watching Ink Master last night and the challenge was to tattoo Photo-realistic X-men characters.  If you've never seen it, Ink Master is a tattooing competition.  Anyway, Hugh Jackman showed up to basically look at the tattoos and talk about how amazing they all look and then announce the winner that the judges already picked.  But someone got a tattoo of Bishop.  He's a tall black time traveling mutant with red eyes.  He's the character that Kayla thought we were naming our son after.  He's not, but he does seem like a pretty cool character.  The thing is, this person was getting a tattoo of this person before the movie is even out.  It's not like a comic book thing either cause its a realistic tattoo of the actor in costume.  I guess they're taking a huge gamble that the movie doesn't suck.  Or that the actor does justice to the character.  Here's a picture for reference.  

X-men Bishop

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