March 30, 2014

Stuck in the Mud

I was reminded today, because of the fields being wet as they are, of my childhood.  Practically every year my grandfather would get his tractor stuck in the mud it seemed, and we would always go out to rescue him from the mud.  I still have no idea how they ever got the tractor going.  Honestly.  I remember seeing it stuck in the field, but we were always sent back to the house so the adults could get it out.  Even though he went out when it was too wet every year, every time it happened my Dad and Uncle would drive out there and help him get it out.

I kind of like that about my family.  Even if you're ridiculous enough to keep getting yourself stuck in the mud, there's always someone willing to come running to dig you out.  My friends are kind of like that too.

Thanks everyone.

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