March 10, 2014


Someones sitting up all by himself!  He's got the balance down for staying up but he doesn't seem interested in doing it himself yet.  If I put him down sitting up, he'll stay in that position until he gets bored and crawls away.  He also seems to be at the very beginning stages of pulling himself up on things. 

I discovered today that he does not like edamame.  We ran out of jar food so I blended some edamame and he took a couple bites then started spitting it out.  So I gave up and fed him applesauce.  Now he's crawling under his highchair eating the cheerios he dropped on the floor earlier. 

I finished painting our bedroom today.  We finished Bishops room yesterday.  The office is gonna take a little longer because I'm doing shading in there.  I'll probably be working on it after we move in but John said it was okay cause his computer wont even be against the wall. 

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