March 29, 2014


After some really good news this week, I've just had a not so great finale.  The best part was being able to see my friends yesterday.  I'm just going to reserve this post for an update instead.

Still fasting.  I accidentally ate a little more than I intended yesterday and the result was not being hungry for the rest of the day, also feeling quite sick.  I'm convinced I'll need to be careful when I'm done doing this now.  My stomach probably shrank, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

The cursing thing is totally not working out.  I'm still trying, but it's just not going well at all.  I consider this a Lent fail.  At least I'm still trying.

Exercises have been interrupted due to lack of sleep.  I'm having the worst insomnia.  I'm too tired to do things, but too awake to sleep.  I'll get back into it once I get a decent night sleep.

Was there something else I was doing other than this blog?  I don't remember!

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