March 13, 2014

A Little Glum, but Only a Little

I feel like my posts have been rather on the down side the last week.  I guess I must be in a kind of slump.  I'm still looking for a new job and I've been double-shifting for the past six weeks to make some extra money so I can start paying off my student loans.  I'm also really worried about a lot of what's going on with the world:  Russia vs. the Ukraine is just one instance.  Japan vs. China, the stuff going on in Syria and the Middle East, uprisings across South America and Africa, Korean and Iranian instigation.  I wonder if we were just blind to most of these issues because of our lack of nation-wide communication, but now that we're more tied in, it seems closer to home.

Sometimes I wonder how a person's supposed to be content in a world riddled with strife, but then we always find joy somewhere, don't we?

I thought about attaching a picture of happiness with this post, but I think instead I'd rather let anyone who cares to read this take a moment and think about something that makes them happy.

Ready?  Go!

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