March 27, 2014

Bath Time

I've been wanting to give my dog a bath for a while now, but with all the snow I didn't want to dry out her fur if she needed the oils in it.  I've never really owned a beagle and she's short hair, so I don't really know what they need.  I suppose one could argue that I have the internet at my disposal and could very easily look this information up myself.  Well one is clearly smarter than I was.

So anyway, I gave her a bath today because it's super muddy outside and I was tired of seeing her coming in covered in mud and trying to scrape it off with a towel.  She did not approve.  She stood against the wall with her paws spread out like I was delousing her or something.  I even tried giving her a choice of shampoo, but she didn't like any of the smells so I chose the one that would be least offensive.  How did she repay me?  She licked herself 'clean'.  Apparently she is not the right smell right now.  Animals are weird.

I'm going to have to figure out how to let her out to do her 'business' without her getting all muddy again.  Maybe a rainy day was NOT the right day for this.

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