March 7, 2014

Headache of Doom

So, I'm working on another project for a post.  I'll probably do it tomorrow.  It can be tomorrow's post.  Tonight I have the WORST HEADACHE OF DOOM EVER.  I don't mind that people wear perfume, but it's unpleasant when said perfume wrecks havoc on my brain.

Today was another double-shifting day.  I feel like I've had infinite patience the last two days dealing with the kids at the alt-ed school I sub at.  I know it can only come from God, because typically I don't have that much patience to put up with their shenanigans.  I learned something, though.  Being soft-spoken, insistent, and overly polite manages to get you somewhere with those kids most of the time.  Not all, but most.

Tomorrow will be a much better update, I swear.  I'm not off to a good start this season!

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