March 23, 2014

Religious Goodness

I had another one of those days where it seemed like the church sermon was lining up with things I'd been thinking about this week.  I wonder if I'm just really on board with the direction Mass is taking now or if my life is just lining up happily like that to mess with me.

I spent this afternoon reading some scripture and had an epiphany.  The same text that a bunch of ministers were using on me as a reason why Catholicism was preaching a false religion is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT when in the proper context.  I have a bunch of great resources which all help me to contextualize scripture now as opposed to when I was 19 and just starting off learning about theology and philosophy and at the mercy of those who were teaching me.  Wow.  Also, I think with some hind sight and when I started thinking about it, it was kind of ridiculous to take on the belief that particular parts of scripture are speaking out against an institution that wasn't technically in existence, even if the framework was being built.  Just saying.

All in all, it was a pretty awesome day!  I'm looking forward to next week when I get to talk about and lead RCIA in the Rosary.  Grandma J. taught me about how to do it and it's something special I've always loved her for.

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