March 16, 2014

It's not about Bishop, but he has a short cameo

After writing my post yesterday, I thought "that's a pretty good amount to write" and then I saw it from the computer web browser and realized how pathetically short it was.  That's the problem with phone posting.  It basically turns into a long text message because it takes longer to write each word.  Plus on the computer its easier to post pictures because I can format them correctly.  AND I don't have to look when I type.  I'm just that good.  Every time I look away while typing, it reminds me of Kris.  She used to look at me while we were having a conversation while continuing to type away on her computer.  That takes even more skill though because you have to think about two things at once. 

So anyone that is friends John on facebook already knows that our ice maker is still not hooked up and our washer doesn't work.  Hopefully the washer is an easy fix.  The lever that stops the washer when you open the lid came off.  But at least our internet is hooked up because, you know... priorities. 

It feels like we're camping now.  Or staying in a hotel.  All the stuff we need is somewhere but we have to hunt for it every time we need to do something.  Everything takes twice as long. 

Before I leave, here's a cute picture....

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