March 19, 2014

He's already taken over

This blogging thing is getting harder.  I feel like last year, I was barely in it cause I posted from my phone all the time.  This year, I'm always super aware that people actually read this thing.  I always feel like I have to write about something good and worth while.  I know babies are always worth while.  And adorable.  But I didn't want this to become my sons blog.  He's just so cute that he takes over everything in my life.  You know that scene from family guy where the guy wants to show a stranger pictures of his kids and he just repeatedly slaps him in the face with the photographs?  I feel like that's what my blog is.  Just imagine that this picture is printed out on real paper and is hitting you in the face right now.  Or better yet, feel free to print it out and actually hit yourself in the face with it. 

*slap slap slap*

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