March 31, 2014

Might Be a Scam

I seriously dislike our post office.  I have never EVER successfully just gone in and gotten out with anything, including stamps.  Today was the ultimate middle finger though.  I was there for 45 minutes.  45 minutes.  Now you may be thinking "Well yeah, if there's a line.." THERE WAS NO LINE.  I was the line.  This included things like them trying to tell me that I needed to buy one of their boxes, forcing me to repackage a box with some of their bubble-wrap because I unfortunately had none with me, trying to charge me for the tape that I brought in, and then telling me that they were going to be forced to send my mail first class after all, even though they knew what was in it when they told me I could ship it regular mail first.

I saw a sign over to my left that said "It might be a scam" in big letters.  Their poster was talking about some scam going on with lottery.  I think it's more appropriate for that particular location.  I have absolutely NEVER had issues ANYWHERE ELSE but with them.  You'd think I'd learn to go somewhere else.

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