March 16, 2014

Change is Good

Today seems to be one of those days with a common theme.  I woke up to have something of a discussion with my sister regarding changing some things about myself, then drove to church thinking about what the balance is between being yourself and changing some things about yourself.  After that, I arrived at church to a homily about being changed by God.

I feel like that homily was sort of an answer to the things I was pondering on the way to church, actually.  I was considering how a one can be true to himself/herself while seeking to change in a meaningful way.  The answer:  you allow yourself to be changed by God.  I know I'm a different person than how I was before I became Catholic.  I can see the changes that have taken place, and most of them are for the better.  I don't know how much of that was my own directive and how much of that was God, but I find it an interesting idea to just allow myself to be changed and see where that goes.  It's a terribly frightening notion on the one hand, because we're so careful to guard ourselves from others who might seek to cause us harm.  But then, the idea isn't to allow other human beings to change me...which is probably what we do in general; receive feedback from others and alter ourselves slightly based off of that insight.

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