March 5, 2014

Day One: I'm probably gonna talk about my baby

Just get used to it.  Being a stay at home mom means you have very little else to talk about than the little person you hang with 12 hours a day.  He's like my bff that I'm required to hang out with all the time.  You know when you get tired of hanging out with your bff so you go home and then the next day you go hang out with them again cause you miss them?  That is now called nap time.  Bishop waking up from nap time is now my favorite time of day.  He's been asleep long enough that I start to miss his cute face and he wakes up happy because its only been a few hours since he ate so he just talks to himself in the crib.  Then I walk in and he smiles and talks to me!  The mornings are less enjoyable because he's hungry so he wakes up crying so I have to deal with a crying baby while I'm still waking up myself.  Therefore nap time is the best. 

Currently nap time has just started so I'm enjoying my alone time and not constantly checking the floor to see what Bishop is getting into.  He's very curious and mobile and while I have secured most of the hazards on the floor, there are a few cords I can't do anything with so naturally that is what he is most attracted to. 

Anyway, on to lent.  It is the first day of lent and I have decided that since I'm not pregnant this year, I can give up sweets again.  I thought about doing a day of fasting too cause I've never fasted and I wanna try it but I'm still nursing and I think that would be a bad idea. 

Lastly, how awesome was Kris's lent poster?  It looks pretty epic.  I feel like I have something to live up to now.  I hope my blogging is entertaining enough to warrant that awesome promotional material.  I guess if its not, Kris will pick up the slack. 

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