March 12, 2014

I Feel Like Goldielocks

I spent the last couple of days looking around at dresses.  All of a sudden, I feel the urge to look more feminine when I dress.  I made an awful discovery though.  There is almost nothing out there in any of the stores I can shop at that fits the criteria of being: 1) girly, 2) pretty and 3) modest.

Now this list seems pretty straight forward, but I'll break it down for what I was looking for specifically.  All I wanted was to look at sundresses.  I like the look of them, I like the pattern, and they're typically modest, more or less.  We're still getting snow in the middle of March, so a little bit of spring sounded nice to just look at.  I could find nothing.

I looked at dresses at thrift stores, I looked at dresses online, I even went into a few other stores to look at dresses; nothing.  What do I find instead?  1) Bath towels with spaghetti straps which barely cover from the top of boobs to the bottom of your butt, 2) what appears to be dual use dresses, so you can look like you're going to/coming from the gym when you go out or to the gym, 3) frumpy dresses that don't look modern at all but hey if you want to be modest you must be a prude right? 4) the right style of modest with the wrong material so it looks like you're wearing maternity clothes, but hey at least you're comfortable, 5) prom dresses.  There was literally nothing in the middle for 99% of the stores I went into.

I was delighted when I found one store, just one, that had what I was looking for.  Just one.  I think my sister's right when she suggests making our own clothing from now on.  I detest this apparent idea by manufacturers that the only way a girl can dress is like a slut, frumpy (because, prude), or to save money by having dual purpose attire.  If those are my three options, then I'd rather opt out.

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