March 10, 2014

Slowing Down

After the past month and a half of working double shifts, I finally decided to try take it easy this week.  I have more days off than usual at my main job, which makes it a little stressful for me to consider not taking sub jobs (especially when I enjoy subbing more than my main job).  However, after yesterday's homily at my church, I wanted to try to redirect some of my time towards other things.

Part of the reason for this is recognizing that with my pseudo-fasting for Lent, I don't have the energy I'm used to having.  The other part was realizing that I've been forgetting a LOT of things lately because I'm just so busy.  I also don't know that what I'm busy with are necessarily things that ought to occupy all of my time.  I wonder what I will discover by the end of this week.

Goals for this week:  read more scripture, pray more, try to be present in the moment, offer more thanks than petition during prayer.

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