March 13, 2014

This makes me happy

As Kris requested, this is what makes me happy.  This makes it easy to ignore whats going on in the world.  I'm pretty good at ignoring things that have little to do with me. 

We only have 2 days left to pack.  Luckily a lot of our stuff was never unpacked from our last move.  I found a half full box of my stuff and just added everything that was on top of my desk.  I did the same thing with the non-book stuff that was on my bookshelf upstairs.  Also, Bishops current toy box is a cardboard box so his toys are basically packed.  You can see it in between the couches in the picture. 

It might look like Bishop was trying to climb into his seat but he was really playing with the seat belt.  He loves seat belts and tags and pretty much anything paper.  He gets this look on his face while he's playing with that stuff like he's using all his available brain power to figure out what it is.  He's definitely a thinker. 

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