March 9, 2014


Bishop is definitely a boy.  He likes to play with power cords because they're the only thing he can reach on the floor that he's not allowed to play with.  Earlier, I saw him crawling toward one and I said "No!" and went to grab him.  To him that meant "you have 3 seconds to reach that cord and play with it until mommy rains all over your fun times."  It's like a traffic light.  They say yellow means slow down but it really means drive as fast as you can to get through the light before it changes.  To Bishop, "No" means book it so you can at least touch the cord before mommy kills all the fun. 

He has also developed an annoying new way to tell me he's full.  He will continue to open his mouth and take the food off of the spoon, but once he has it, he blows raspberries and spits it everywhere.  Then I give him a few more bites just to make sure it wasn't an accident and he just continues making a mess.  Lucky for him, he's still too cute to be mad at.  Babies have all the power that way. 

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