February 28, 2016

The Name Game

Sometimes my sister and I make up random sounding names for characters.  Typically they are describing characters we see in children's books.  For some reason, a list of crazy names keeps going through my head, so I thought I'd find some crazy looking characters online and make up names for them...this was meant to be a writing blog after all.  But when I started typing into google to find some images to use, I came across a trove.  I had to force myself to stop, but here are a few of what I found:

Admiral Paddington

Major General Bandytail

Duke Eddington III

Bearded Anne

Lady Sophia Mitzypaws

The Venerable Madam Whiskerton

Queen Eloise

Young Prince Danderfluff

King Sorfloof IV

Today's prayer is for joy.

I finished with this post and then I realized I missed a couple:

Sir Reginald Bandytail

 Master B. Cattington

Lydia Bristlebottom and Aldalyn

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