February 13, 2016


Today was such a crazy day.  Things kept falling apart no matter what I tried to do.  Eventually, everything worked out, but it was terribly frustrating while it was happening.  I learned something about myself today though:  1) I'm able to let go way more than I used to be able to do.  When things were falling apart and there was literally nothing I could do to fix it, I was completely able to let go and just trust that everything was going to work out alright.  I had this concept in my head that "everything had to go perfectly, without a hitch" but once I was able to let go of that perception, everything worked out quite well in fact.  2) I don't get as stressed out when things aren't going the way I think they should anymore.  3) I definitely have the determination to turn around do something to fix the situation instead of allowing the situation to determine my mood.

As I sit here facing my thirties, it's good to know that I'm more adept at handling craziness than I used to be.  Phase two will be ensuring my crazy increases with age as well!

Today's  prayer is for our candidates and catechuman.

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  1. I just realized like 2 days that I'm gonna be 30 this year. It's funny you should mention that.