February 15, 2016

President's Day

I have never really given President's Day a lot of thought.  I mean, in schools we never really discussed the significance of President's Day at all.  It's sort of just a free day off from school when you're a kid.  This year, however, I noticed the holiday way more than I ever have before.  The amount of commercials and reminders that I encountered makes me realize if I've just been oblivious this entire time or if commercials are taking advantage of any inch they can get these days.

I don't actually have a favorite president either.  I'm not sure if that's weird.  I haven't really ever been asked who my favorite president was so I've never really given it much thought.  I'll just be different and say my favorite president hasn't served yet.  This way, when we get a good president, I can say this was a prophetic statement.  Take that everyone else who thought Lincoln was so great!

Today's prayer is for leadership and those in positions of authority.

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