February 21, 2016


I haven't written any poetry in years, not since a series of incidents which caused me to become far too embarrassed about what I write occurred, culminating when I was in my first year of college.  I don't know what happened really.  I know my poetry was never really good, that it certainly wasn't ever something that was going to be stunningly fantastic.  I seem to recall last year I wrote a poem in our blog, which was the first one I had written since high school.  Today, I started work on another.  Really it's less of a poem and more of a song, though, because some music came to me while I was working on it.  I only started the poem and intend to finish it, so maybe I'll post it up once that's done.  I'm actually kind of excited about, but I think I need more time to consider the next verse, and hopefully my inspiration didn't come from being stuck in between exhaustion and wakefulness.

Today's prayer is for mercy.

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