February 17, 2016

Inspiration for my Seester

As per a request from my older sister, I have decided to write about something inspiring today.

Every now and then when I'm considering theological things, I keep getting reminded of the fact that Jesus is truly human as much as he is fully divine.  This week's homily at mass was about how Jesus was actually tempted by Satan after his fast in the desert by things that would have been a temptation for him.  That blew my mind.  I don't believe I spend enough time considering how Jesus must have felt and thought and what he desired and sacrificed in life, what he enjoyed most, what concerned him.  These things are all so human in nature and I think there tends to be a general aversion to focusing too much o the humanity of Jesus.

I believe it was Kierkegaard who wrote about how one must come to Christ in his lowest state and accept him in order to truly follow him, not just the Christ in glory.  While he was speaking about Jesus before the revelation of his divinity, I think it's accurate to suggest that we also must accept Jesus as fully human to better follow him.  Jesus wasn't just going through the motions, pretending to be human, but he lived a human life.  In moments like these where we are told that he was tempted and we know that the temptations would be something that would have been desirable to him, we are not only getting a deeper glimpse into his nature, but we are also receiving affirmation that we follow a God who understands what it means to be human, and therefore understands us inside and out.  I can think of nothing more inspirational or uplifting than this.

Today's prayer is for my sister and her family.

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