February 19, 2016

Free Ranting

I had this great blog post in mind today about curly fries.  I mean, I legit had it all planned out in my mind what I was going to say.  Then I picked up a friend of mine and we went to the bookstore, and on the way home, he poked me into ranting about a bunch of deep things.  When we got back to his house, he playfully insinuated that he intentionally prodded me to make me rant.  He is not the only one.  At least two other friends have admitted to intentionally poking me me in an attempt to get me to rant (not mentioning any names, ANGELA), others have acknowledge how easy it is to get me going, and others have jokingly prodded at me as a nod to the fact that I rant a lot; although I find it doubtful that the latter actually want to hear what I have to say on a given subject when they do so, and it is far more likely that they are just pointing out the fact that I've ranted at length on some particular thing previously.

When I asked my friend why he prods me in an attempt to get me to rant, he said that I always make him think way more deeply and critically about something than he usually does.  At least I have that affect on people.  Most of the time my ranting sounds like pointed ramblings about nonsensical or inconsequential things, and I know I tend to harp on certain points again and again.  I don't know why you crazy people enjoy my cantankerous nature.  You're the weird ones.  I'm just crazy insane.  But I love you all and I appreciate the way you put up with my rantings.

Anyway, my friend said that my stream of conscious ramblings are like "free writing" but in the verbal sense.  So I'm apparently a "free ranter".  And I don't charge either.

Today's prayer is for Tommy.  Tomorrow's blog will be about fries.

As a special postscript, I apparently have at least three tags about "rant"s, "ranting", and "angry/rage/rant" in case there was any trouble in believing that I rant a lot.

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  1. Your ranting is like an art form. I appreciate a good artist.