February 26, 2016

Missing Piece

I had no idea how much I would miss Angela until she decided to get pregnant and have a baby over our lent blog.  I rather miss her articles.  I hope you all do too.  She's a great writer and this is the time during the year where I feel like we draw really close to each other and get a better glimpse into our current lives and thoughts.  It's hard keeping up a friendship long distance.  It seems like even though we have technology to keep us together, it is very easy to forget to contact someone.  Suddenly when they aren't there anymore, you have regrets over not spending more time with them.  The time we have goes so quickly too.  Yesterday it was Monday, and tomorrow it's going to be March.  I can't believe how fast the time's gone.  In a few more weeks, we're going to be getting ready for the Easter Vigil.  More than that, though, my niece is about to start driving, my oldest nephew is almost in high school, my younger nephew is starting kindergarten, and I'm about to turn thirty.  When did time start slipping by the way mom and dad said it would?  I still remember being a child and feeling like growing up was going to take forever and ever.

This post got away from me again.

Today's prayer is for Angela and Family.

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