February 10, 2016

First Day of Lent!

So I haven't made any lent promises this year.  I'm 8 months pregnant right now so I've already had to give up alcohol, being comfortable, sleeping well.... and probably more stuff.  I'm not even sure if I'll be able to finish lent blogging but I figured I should at least try.  The first few months of Bishops life are kind of a blur now but I do remember napping a lot.  I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow which means I'm 8 days from being full term.  I'm expecting him sometime between 37-39 weeks.  Bishop was almost 39 weeks when he decided to come. 

Speaking of naps, I could really use one right now.  Bishop was awake at 7:30 this morning for some reason.  He's usually up around 8:30-9.  I do have a better chance of getting him to nap though.  He's watching Thomas and Friends right now.  That's means I have at least 30 minutes of peace and quiet.  He is in love with trains!  And cars.  Pretty much anything that moves.  He will not ride on his tricycle though.  He likes to push it around but he gets upset if I put him in the seat.  I guess it makes sense; he has to be afraid of something.  He's not afraid of people at all or trying food that he's never seen before.  He's not afraid of dogs barking at him or the cat scratching his face.  He is afraid of spiders though.  I'm very happy about that because we have lots of black widows in the back yard during the summer.  I don't want him making friends with any of those. 

Here's a cute picture I took today. 

Until tomorrow!

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