February 11, 2016

36 weeks!

I'm not gonna count down everyday but I'm 36 weeks today.  That's means one week until full term.  Now I just need this baby to turn around.  He's kinda sideways right now.  So far he's turning out to be a stubborn baby.  When I was 15 weeks pregnant, he refused to show the doctor his penis and I had to wait until 20 weeks to find out he was a boy.  Maybe that means he'll act more like me.  He'll be shy, quiet, and a picky eater.  And stubborn.  Not that I'm extremely stubborn but I'm definitely more stubborn that John.  John is a flexible teddy bear.  Bishops kinda stubborn cause he's a toddler but he's pretty easy to redirect. 

So I was looking through blog posts from last years lent and one of them mentions Bishop getting a new baby gate.  We bought it so we could open it and walk through instead of stepping over it.  That thing only lasted about 6 months before Bishop figured out how to open it.  So we got the exact same gate but way taller so he couldn't reach the lock to open it.  It's currently still working even though he can reach the lock now.... he just can't get enough leverage to get it open.  I feel like it's days are numbered though.  He's getting taller and smarter every day.  He already stands on his toys to reach things he's not supposed to get into.  Hopefully by the time he figures out the gate, it won't be necessary anymore.  I've been leaving it open more and more and let him have free reign but there are still times I like to have him contained. 

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