February 14, 2016

Following the Rabbit Hole

Today has been one of those days where you have your life laid out in front of you and realize that you have to make some decisions that are going to completely affect the rest of your life.  You realize that what you decide is really going to shape you.  It's a defining day.  Maybe years from now you will look back and reflect upon it, or maybe you'll have trouble remembering exactly what it was that brought you to your current point in time, but you won't forget the decision you made that helped you to become the kind of person you are.

I'm not trying my hand at fortune telling, although when I looked back over that paragraph to proof read it, it certainly came off sounding like one of those vague horoscope blurbs.  I just had a series of deep/real moments today and have decided to move forward in an attempt to become a better me.  This has been a crazy end of the week to me.  Lent has started out way deeper than I had been expecting it to.

Also it's Valentine's Day which surprisingly turned out to be one of my favorite holidays.  As such, I have decided to pray for an increase love sharing.  Happy Valentine's Day!

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