February 13, 2016


I was thinking about how my eating habits have changed with this pregnancy in relation to my first.  With Bishop, I feel like I craved so much stuff and I was hungry all the time and could order a huge meal at a restaurant and finish the whole thing.  This time it seems like my appetite has barely changed.  I eat about the same amount at meals that I used to.  The only real difference is sometimes I wake up hungry in the middle of the night and need a snack to fall back asleep.  I do eat more but I feel like it's because I don't have a reason not to.  When I go grocery shopping when I'm not pregnant, I usually look at things I want and then tell myself I don't need them.  Now its like "I'm pregnant and uncomfortable, I deserve that cake".  Plus I'm suppose to gain weight anyway so I don't feel bad when I put on extra pounds.  Pregnancy is like a vacation from self control.  I mean concerning food at least.  I'm growing a person; I'm gonna eat what I want.  Even if I'm not hungry for it. 

On another note, Kris mentioned turning 30 this year.  I will be turning 30 as well although a few months behind her.  I was kind of dreading it like a year ago but now that it's getting closer, I seem to care a lot less.  Maybe because I have other stuff to think about.  Or maybe it's just not scary anymore.  I mean, my husband has been in his 30's for 2 years now and he seems perfectly okay.  Sometimes I forget that he's older than me.... and that he's a different person.  He's such a part of me now. 

Oh! Speaking of my soulmate, we celebrated our anniversary at Cheesecake Factory last night!  It was awesome as usual.  But the best part was before we left, we opened presents.  I got him a PS4 and he cried.  It's always a good day when you make your husband cry.  Happy tears of course.  Those are the best kind. 

Anyway, here's my cutie just because. 

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